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Storage Options

When deciding on storage options there are several factors to consider. Should you rent or buy? Would it be more advantageous to pay cash or finance? Would a metal constructed building be better for you or is wood the better choice? You have to decide if you want or can have a portable building, or if you want or must have a building built on site. At this site we will help you make those decisions by providing information on all these choices and providing links to various building manufacturers.

Construction Materials

Storage building construction materials expand across a range as near infinite as residential homes or commercial property. However, the vast majority of these buildings are constructed of wood or metal. Within these broad categories there are many choices of each. Some wood constructed buildings are made of the very same materials as your home or office and similarly constructed.

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Portable vs. Site Built


The decision to buy a portable building have your building built on site may not be entirely up to you. Some homeowner and neighborhood covenants  prohibit portable storage buildings and or prohibit or restrict the site built buildings. You should check your homeowner and neighborhood covenants and agreements before you shop for a storage building.

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Payment Options


Storage buildings may be purchased outright, financed through a bank or other lending institution, purchased on a "Rent-to-Own" agreement, or leased or rented. Each of these options have advantages and disadvantages and are not available for every type of building or from, every dealer or manufacturer.


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Building Dealers by State


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