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Metal Storage Buildings

Metal storage buildings or sheds made from thin sheet metal sheathing (galvanized steel or aluminum) attached to a metal frame. Metal buildings can be portable or built on site. Portable metal buildings are sometimes available through a rent-to-own agreement, often with no credit check. Metal storage buildings or sheds are a good choice when long-term strength and resistance to fire, rot, or termites is desired. However, metal sheds may rust over time, particularly if they are constructed from steel that is not galvanized, and they may dent.

Metal storage buildings or sheds in some instances are a great alternative to traditional storage methods made of wood. They can help save time and money and offer an extra level of durability against environmental factors.

Metal building companies offer many different storage options. You can find kits and options for sheds, garages, and larger metal storage buildings designed to hold large equipment and even airplanes. With so many options, are you wondering how you will choose one that will meet your needs? Here is some advice.

Decide what you will need the metal storage buildings for. Do you need to store garden and lawn equipment? If so, you may want to consider a garage. If you have a farm, you will need specialized metal storage buildings to store your larger equipment. If you run a business, you may need storage that will house equipment and machines.

Once you determine what needs to be stored, you will have a better idea for the metal storage buildings that will best accommodate the items. It will also help you figure out which companies to choose because some specialize in certain equipment needs. For example, if you own a farm, you may want to go with a metal building company who specializes in outfitting farms with the proper storage. The reason to hire a specialist is because they keep in mind specific equipment needs when the engineers design the structures.

You will also need to consider your budget. Will you be paying for your metal buildings outright or will you need extra funding?

Finally, once you choose which building you need, all that is left to do is build it. You can either hire a company or do it yourself.

Quality and Concerns

Nearly all reputable steel buildings companies are ASIC (American Institute of Steel Construction) certified and members of the MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturer's Association). Dealing with a company that is ASIC certified and a member of MBMA will give you some assurance that you will receive a quality steel building from a respected and qualified company.

Make sure you get a quote for the entire cost, including, any options, freight, erection, and all applicable taxes. Get an agreement in writing as to who is responsible for permits and building codes.

Check these quality factors:

  • Lifetime Fasteners - Fasteners on the roof and walls should be guaranteed not to rust for the life of the building.
  • PBR Panels - PBR, (Purlin Bering Rib,) Panels are superior to the outdated R-Panel. As you can see form the drawing below PBR Panels offer more metal which strengthens the panel and better overlap which provides a tighter seal.

  • Formed Base Trim - A cheap alternative to a Formed Base Trim sometimes called simply "Base Angel Trim" requires that you pour a perfect notch around your concrete slab, resulting in additional material /labor costs. Formed Base Trim attaches directly to the slab, bends flush against the angle, bends again and then projects out approximately two inches from the slab so that the wall panel rest on the base trim rather than directly n the concrete.

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