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Rent to Own was established as an alternative to mini-warehousing. the often no strings plan allows you to have your own storage facility in your backyard or business, when and where you need it. The monthly rental rates are comparable to mini-warehousing rates per square foot, however with the Rent to Own plan, a portion of each payment applies toward the purchase price if you decide to buy. All that is required is a nominal deposit, delivery fee, and in some cases, your first month’s payment, and you can have your building delivered to your location. Deposits are sometimes refundable whenever you exercise your option to purchase. Normally you are not required to fill out a credit application, nor are you required to keep the building. If, at any time, your building becomes a financial burden, or if you no longer need the building, for any reason, simply give the dealer a call and they will gladly pick it up and your credit will remain untarnished.

Is Rent-to-Own a good Deal?

Rent to own charges vary among manufactures and dealers but are normally higher that other financing options, but are of course are less expensive than straight renting, where you will never own you buildings. Most dealers apply 30% to 50% or the rental payment to price of the building.

Find a Rent-to-own Dealer in your area

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Amortization tables and rent-to-own vs. various financing rates.







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