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Wooden storage buildings or sheds have a natural look that can blend in well with garden environments. Wood buildings can be portable or built on site. Portable wood buildings are often available through a rent-to-own agreement, often with no credit check. Despite the strength of wood, over time it can rot or become susceptible to mold and mildew, so it should be treated for protection. As well, wood is susceptible to termites and fire. Wooden sheds are easier to modify than metal or plastic sheds, for example, by adding windows, doors, or exterior trim. Properly treated and or painted, a wooden storage building or shed can last more than a lifetime.

The simplest, least expensive  wood storage buildings or sheds are available in kit form. Both storage building or shed kits and "do-it-yourself" plans are available for wooden sheds. Sheds are used to store home and garden tools and equipment such as push lawn mowers, lawn tractors, and gardening supplies. In addition, sheds can be used to store items or products that are not suitable for indoor storage, such as gasoline, pesticides, or herbicides.

For homes with small gardens or modest storage needs, there are several types of very small sheds. These include corner sheds, which fit into a corner (3 tall x 3 wide x 2 deep), vertical sheds (5 tall x 3 wide x 4 deep), horizontal sheds (3 tall x 5 wide x 4 deep), and toolsheds. When a shed is used for tool storage, shelves and hooks are often used to maximize the storage space.

A popular style for smaller storage sheds is the gambrel-style roof, which whimsically resemble a Dutch-style barn, and the high sloping roof line increases storage space in the 'loft'. Both gable and saltbox style sheds are gaining in popularity.

Larger, more expensive  storage buildings or sheds are typically constructed of wood and include features typically found in house construction, such as as windows, a shingled roof, and electrical outlets. Larger storage buildings or sheds provide more space for engaging in hobbies such as gardening, small engine repair, or tinkering. Some  storage buildings or sheds have small porches or include furniture, which allows them to be used for relaxation purposes.

Storage building or shed owners can customize wooden sheds to match the features (e.g., siding, trim, etc.) of the main house. A number of decorative options can be added to sheds, such as dormers, shutters, flowerboxes, finials, and weathervanes. As well, practical options can be added such as benches, ramps, ventilation systems (e.g., in cases where a swimming pool heater is installed in a shed), and electric lighting.

Storage buildings or sheds designed for gardening are often called "potting sheds", and they typically feature windows or skylights for illumination, ventilation grilles, and a potter's bench for mixing soil and re-potting plants.

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